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3 Days in Shanghai Itinerary: A Family Itinerary

Fireworks at Shanghai Disneyland Park
Fireworks at Shanghai Disneyland Park

As an international metropolis in China, Shanghai has a unique charm and attractiveness. It is a place where Eastern and Western cultures mingle, with the Western architecture of The Bund and the skyscrapers of Lujiazui.

Xintiandi not only retains the former Shikumen and old bungalows, but also displays the latest popular elements. Nanjing Road, Yuyuan Mall, Huaihai Road, Jing'an Temple, People's Square, Zhongshan Park, Wujiaochang, Xujiahui are the shopping malls in Shanghai.

This article provides a brief 3-day tour of Shanghai, introducing the charm and features of the main attractions such as The Bund, Yu Garden, and Nanjing Road. Information is also provided, such as itinerary planning, transport and accommodation guides, food recommendations, practical tips and recommended activities.

Hopefully, these tips will help you enjoy your trip to Shanghai better and make good memories.

How to Spend a Perfect 3 Days in Shanghai Itinerary

Next, let's experience the charm of Shanghai in depth and provide detailed suggestions for planning your 3-day trip to Shanghai.

Three Days in Shanghai: Day 1

Shanghai Disney Day Tour with entertainment, photo shooting, float parades, and fireworks watching at night.

Disneyland is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Shanghai.

You can visit Disney's seven theme parks for shows and rides. Experience Disney's magical world and have fun.

Savor food specialties at Disneyland and watch Disneyland's nighttime fireworks display.

Three Days in Shanghai: Day 2

Route: People's Square → Nanjing Road → The Bund → Waibaidu Bridge → Oriental Pearl → Shanghai Tower → City God Temple → Yu Garden

People's Square: A comprehensive transportation hub in the city center.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street: A shopping paradise where various fashion brands gather.

The Bund: The Bund is known as Shanghai's city card. Walking along the Bund, the beautiful scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River is enchanting.

Waibaidu Bridge: Visit Waibaidu Bridge and the surrounding old neighborhoods to appreciate Shanghai's traditional style and taste local snacks and specialty goods.

Oriental Pearl Tower: Visit Shanghai's landmark Oriental Pearl.

Shanghai Tower: Climb to the top of the skyscraper and overlook the entire city of Shanghai.

City God Temple: Here you can appreciate the folk customs of Shanghai, taste authentic Shanghai snacks and local dishes.

Yu Garden: Here, you can feel the traditional Jiangnan garden style, admire the exquisite architecture and well-designed landscape.

Three Days in Shanghai: Day 3

Route: Jing'an Temple → Shanghai Museum → Huaihai Road → Wukang Road → Wukang Building → Tianzifang

Jing'an Temple: One of Shanghai's most famous scenic spots and a landmark of Shanghai.

Shanghai Museum: Rich in artifacts and artworks on display, you can learn more about Shanghai's history and culture.

Huaihai Road: One of the most prosperous commercial streets in Shanghai, alongside Nanjing Road.

Wukang Road: Feel the old Shanghai style and see the historical buildings. There are many old bungalows from the Former French Concession, suitable for photo and lounging.

Wukang Building: At the intersection of Huaihai Middle Road, Yuqing Road, Tianping Road, Xingguo Road and Wukang Road, where Shanghai's busiest traffic, a brick-red eight-story building resembling a giant ship stands out.

Tianzifang: This is a well-preserved Nongtang cultural area where you can deeply experience the old Shanghai style of Shanghai.

The family's 3-day trip to Shanghai is over.

Hope our 3 days Shanghai itinerary makes it easy for you to plan your Shanghai family vacation.

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