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2 Days in Shanghai: Itinerary For Shanghai Weekend

Wukang building in the former French Concession
Wukang building in the former French Concession

If Xi'an and Beijing represent ancient Chinese history, then Shanghai is the epitome of modern history.

"Petty bourgeoisie, exquisite" is many people's impression of Shanghai. In fact, Shanghai is also a fashion gathering place.

This article will bring you a curated 2-day tour of Shanghai, giving you an insight into the charm of this modern city in a short time.

Whether it's stunning architecture, food, or unique culture, Shanghai will impress. Have a great trip!

Itinerary for 2 Days in Shanghai

To help you make the most of your limited time, we offer the following itinerary planning tips:

Shanghai in 2 Days: Day 1

Route: People's Square → Nanjing Road → The Bund → Oriental Pearl Tower → Yu Garden

Walk through the underground passage of People's Square to Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street. We can tour the bustle and prosperity of Shanghai and witness the development of Shanghai.

Further on, you will come to the famous Bund. The Bund is one of Shanghai's most iconic attractions, offering stunning views of both sides of the Huangpu River and a paradise for photography enthusiasts.

If you like to climb high and overlook, Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Tower, World Financial Center, and Jin Mao Tower are all good choices.

Yu Garden is a typical Jiangnan garden, known for its exquisite architecture and unique design. You can feel the elegance and beauty of traditional Chinese gardens here.

Shanghai in 2 Days: Day 2

Route: Shanghai Museum → Xintiandi → Tianzifang → Wukang Road → Jing'an Temple

Visit the Shanghai Museum, learn about Shanghai's history and culture, and admire precious artworks and artifacts. The Shanghai Museum is one of the largest national museums in China, showcasing a wealth of historical artifacts and artworks, providing you with a great opportunity to learn about Shanghai's history and culture.

Xintiandi is a tourist attraction with the historical and cultural style of Shanghai. Xintiandi has many famous shopping malls, such as Xintiandi Fashion Shopping Center, K11 Art Mall, Central Plaza, Shui On Plaza, Fuxing Square, etc.

Continue south along Madang Road to Taikang Road: Tianzifang. Tianzifang is a well-preserved old neighborhood full of unique cultural atmosphere and artistic atmosphere.

Wukang Road and Anfu Road are connected, and there are many exquisite garden houses along the way. Built in 1924, Wukang Building was Shanghai's first corridor-style apartment building.

Jing'an Temple is located on Shanghai's bustling West Nanjing Road, a Buddhist temple. As night falls, the surrounding high-rise buildings gradually light up, and the Jing'an Temple CBD becomes very beautiful.

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