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Huzhou Travel Guide - What to Know Before You Visit Huzhou

Huzhou is located in the north of Zhejiang Province, near Lake Taihu. Huzhou is bordered by Suzhou and Wuxi to the north, Jiaxing and Shanghai to the east, and Hangzhou to the south.

With a history of more than 2,300 years, Huzhou is a veritable ancient city in Jiangnan. Huzhou is one of the birthplaces of Chinese Silk Culture, Tea Culture and Hubi Culture.

Best Time to Visit Huzhou, Zhejiang

The cool autumn season is the most suitable time to visit Huzhou. The osmanthus flowers in Jiangnan are fragrant, and the crabs are at their fattest.

The comfortable and pleasant temperature is very suitable for traveling in Huzhou city and the nearby Nanxun Ancient Town. Mogan Mountain and Anji County are also full of autumn leaves.

Mogan Mountain in Huzhou
Mogan Mountain in Huzhou

Best Places to Visit in Huzhou in Autumn

Autumn is always prone to sadness, cooler temperatures, gray days, and bleak trees. But Huzhou in autumn can make people travel to a fairy tale world full of vitality and color.

1. Moganshan

Mogan Mountain is located in Deqing County in northern Zhejiang. In the late Spring and Autumn Period, King Helü of Wu sent Gan Jiang and Mo Xie to forge swords in Moganshan. Moganshan is famous for the two sword forgers.

The Moganshan Scenic Area has a large area, fresh air, and a high vegetation coverage rate of about 92%. Moganshan enjoys the reputation of being the "No.1 Mountain in Jiangnan".

2. Nanxun Water Town

Nanxun Water Town has a history of more than 750 years. It has a rich history and cultural heritage, and is a national 5A-level tourist area.

Autumn in Nanxun Ancient Town is always particularly beautiful. White walls, black tiles, bridges, flowing water, autumn flowers and leaves. The scenery here is like a colorful ink painting.

3. Anji Jiangnan Tianchi Resort

Tianchi is on top of a mountain, nearly 1,000 meters above sea level. The theme of Tianchi is stargazing. This is China's first International Dark Sky Sanctuary, and there is no light interference at night.

You can camp in the scenic area and stargazing with the naked eye. You can also use a professional astronomical telescope to see the starry sky in the observatory. Of course, you can also bring your own camera equipment to shoot the starry sky.

4. Longwangshan Canyon Rafting

Longwangshan Canyon Rafting is located in Zhejiang Anji Dragon King Mountain Nature Reserve. Rafting in the Dragon King Mountain Canyon is very interesting and exciting.

Rafting uses a 2-person kayak. The total length of rafting is 2 kilometers, and the rafting time is about 1 hour and 40 minutes. It passes through more than 20 beaches, more than 30 bays and 40 slides.

5. Xiazhu Lake National Wetland Park

Xiazhu Lake National Wetland Park is located in Deqing County, Zhejiang, north of Hangzhou. Xiazhu Lake Wetland is the largest wetland scenic area in Jiangnan Province that is naturally formed.

Xiazhu Lake Wetland covers an area of 10 square kilometers. The main lake is 3.4 square kilometers and is the fifth largest inland lake in Zhejiang Province. Xiazhu Lake is beautiful in all seasons, and I want to say that my favorite is its autumn.

6. Yishang Street History and Culture Block

The history of Yishang Street can be traced back to the Eastern Jin Dynasty. In the middle of the Qing Dynasty, it became the main commercial street in Huzhou City. Yishang Street is the bustling center of Huzhou urban area and has become a symbol of the history of Huzhou Old Street.

Yishang Street is a historical district landscape that can fully reflect the characteristics of Huzhou city. In addition to well-known old shops, some unique cafes, bistros, and bookstores have also settled in the Yishang Street.

7. South Taihu Lake

Taihu Lake in autumn looks like a layer of gold up close. Looking up at the sky, the sky was as blue as a sparkling sapphire, and the clouds were as white as a white cashmere scarf. An autumn breeze blows, and the fluffy reed flowers, like the wind, are as gentle as feathers, gentle as if to blow into your heart.

South Taihu Lake Night Cruise Tour. On Nan Tai Lake, taking a boat ride to admire the Moon Hotel is the highlight of the itinerary. The whole trip takes about 30 minutes, and the cruise ship departs to Moon Hotel (Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort), Fisherman's Wharf, and Xiaomeigang Wharf.